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Salt & Oil Scrub - enriched with Dead Sea minerals - gently exfoliates dry skin stimulating cell renewal.

                              A refreshing blend of natural oils moisturize for a healthy, rejuvenated glow.

For Body Use  (shoulders down, avoiding more sensitive areas)

Purpose   Exfoliate away dead skin cells, revealing more radiant, healthy looking skin.
How Often  Once or Twice a Week
Directions   Apply over entire body (from the shoulders down, avoiding more sensitive areas) in gentle circular motions.

                       Rinse away any remaining salt with luke warm water.


My Personal Story:

I Love to Use Salt & Oil Scrub in the Shower! Personally I like to start exfoliating my skin before I turn on the water.

One of the amazing things I find is how soft my skin is for days after using our Salt & Oil Scrub

NOTE: Watch when you use any products with Oils & Lotions around your Tube. Maybe slipper then normal.

My Feet I use Salt & Oil Scrub on my feet to help keep that Flip Flop Dry Skin thing from happening around my heels,

then I use our Special From Last Week OurFoot Cream with Tea Tree Oil.  AMAZING!! 

I love the soft nature Spa Aromas in all of our Products.

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