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Good For All Types of Skin!

* Enriched with Mud from the Dead Sea.

* Cleans and restores the healthy glow of your skin

* For Daily Use.

Main Ingredients: Learn More Click Here!

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Dead Sea Mud - The Dead Sea's Black mineral Mud contains an extremely high concentration of Minerals, scientifically proven to be essential in the maintenance of healthy skin.

Hamamelis Extract - This potent extract is known for its anti-inflammatory and it great for cracked, stressed and sensitive skin. 

Mud Soap

                   Where I personally have seen recovery using Mud Soap!

* Myself I have had Itchy Scalp as long as I can remember until I started using Mud Soap to wash my hair! 

* One of my Clients who has very thin hair has found by using Mud Soap as a shampoo, her hair has                       actually thickened! To the point that her Hair Stylist had to ask what she had been doing to make it so

  much thicker. Her answer " Mud Soap! "

*Another Client said can we talk personal! She mentioned that in fold and creases she has alway been raw and          chapped! Mud Soap has cleared that all up!

* Another Client I use Mud Soap on is my 2 year old, her eczema has cleared right up! 

* My 20 year old Male client who was covered in Acne, texted me at 11 pm at night! I need more Mud Soap ASAP!      His Skin is all cleared up! The fun thing is his mother sells another well known skin care line that never did a thing      to help his skin condition! Also mentioned he has tried the stuff from TV and that never worked either! Mud Soap.